What is DNA testing?

DNA testing tests for genetic variations  that may impact your health, weight, diet and exercise potential. 

By testing your genetic profile which is completely unique to you you can see what influence your genes and they way they are expressed will have on some of the following : 

  • Nutrient deficiencies or excesses

  • Dietary components

  • Metabolism

  • Vitamin D and B levels

  • Toxin detoxification

  • Exercise and Activity

  • Alcohol and drugs metabolism

  • Circadian rhythms

How does it help me?

By testing your genes, a health care professional can provide a personalised health approach for your including 

  • Choosing effective lifestyle interventions such as a change in diet and/or taking supplements.

  • Knowing which diseases you are predisposed to, e.g. cholesterol, type II diabetes.

  • Learn of current conditions you may have, e.g. lactose intolerance.

  • Find out more about your athletic potential.

  • Be warned of addictive behavioural traits, etc.

Geneway, which is the company I use offers different tests: Genediet, genewell, generenew, and genesport which can test for up to 120 genes.


Check out their website below for more details.

How does the test work?

The test is done by a simple swob test of your mouth which take 30 seconds. Your swob is then sent off to the lab and your results takes two weeks. Once your results are extracted, you will meet with me for 1 hour to design a personalised health approach just for your

What are the costs?

Contact me for more information on the costs. 

Please note you will also need to pay for  one hour consult with me on top ov the cost of the test

 Click here for  the Geneway website

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