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Feeding Milestones

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

A useful resource for parents

Alot of information is given to mothers during pregnancy and the first six months of their child's life however I often see mothers whose children are nearing one year of age who have alot of feeding related questions and concerns. Support  with regards to feeding during the toddler years can often be difficult to come by.

I often refer my patients to the infant and  toddler forum website. It is a great source  f information on many aspects of the feeding process for parents especially portion sizes as parents (myself included) often over estimate how much our child should be eating. 

One of the  additional tools from this website that I refer patients to is the developmental milestone stages . It is a simple guideline that focus on on the milestones that should be happening at certain ages around feeding and mealtimes .

It helps to give a bit more insight into the feeding process till four years of age. It is important to focus on your child and the way they interact with the food  and what happens at mealtimes rather than just focusing on the food and how much they are eating.

The tools are available here to download  for the various ages:

I hope you find them useful

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