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Free Download: Eat a rainbow colour chart

Updated: May 31, 2019

Eat a rainbow: it seems so simple however without proper meal planing you might find your kids consuming the very popular "beige diet".

Eating a rainbow ensures the likelihood of children meeting their different nutrient requirements specifically vitamins and minerals.

Talking about a foods colour is also a great way to get kid more comfortable with foods. Eating is a sensory experience and so by "experiencing " the foods by the colour they become less scared of it.

I developed this tool as a great way to keep track of how our kids were eating. You can also use it as a bit of planner ahead of time as sometimes we find ourselves offering the same fruit or veg cause its easy so now you can make sure you including a variety.

You can use it yourself to try offer at least two different coloured fruit/veg each day or with your kids using stickers when they try a food from that food group

Click on the picture below to download

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