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Easy Chicken wraps

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Clients are always asking for simple easy meal ideas especially for their dinners in the evening.

These chicken wraps are easy to make and the filling can be used the next day as part of a salad just by adding some cucumber and lettuce or rocket.


1/2 tin sweetcorn kernels ( not cream style)

1/2 tin kidney beans

2 tomatoes

Handful chopped coriander

2-3 cooked chicken fillets

Black pepper

2-3 wraps


1.Shred your cooked chicken fillets ( I had grilled them in the oven and just a bit of lemon juice over the fillets before cooking). I usually shred by using a fork and scrap the chicken with it to give a shredded texture.

2. Mix kidney beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes and coriander together and add the chicken and add black pepper to the mixture for extra flavor.

3. Serve it in a wrap

This made enough for dinner for myself and my husband as well as for lunch for both of us the next day.

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