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Happy New Year from Vanessa

Happy New year to you

I love the excitement that a new year brings as we begin to dream of what lies ahead for us in the next year.

Each year my dad makes us write down little goals for the year and at the end of the year we evaluate ourselves. For the year 2018 I only achieved 2.5/10, how terrible is that.

2018 was an interesting year for me in so many ways

1. As Kade went from a baby to a toddler I found myself a much more relaxed mother than I was with Emily;

2. I went back to gym and started running and have entered several running races in 2019

3. I went back to work

I am very excited for 2019. I have new offices and get to share with an amazing paediatrician.

I am hoping that in 2019 I will get to have a few new additions to my services.

-More workshops such as healthy eating for moms and primary school goers

-Online feeding courses for parents

-Fussy eating workshops/small groups


With the start of a new year, I like setting some goals in the various avenues of my life. . I get my patients to set goals so why shouldn’t I?

I have set some lifestyle goals for myself this year

1. Run 21km race: I hate running, I really do but it is exercise you can do anywhere so it works when you have kids and you can run with the kids, if you have a running pram. I am terrible at running which is the most frustrating part and has taken me months to be able to run 5km. I don't have great determination skill which makes running even harder.

2. Be more prepared for lunch: I eat well for breakfast and dinner but because I am often on the go for lunch i.e between patients or school pickups it’s often something last minute or something on the run. My goal is to be organised and prepare lunch the night before more often during the week.

3.Use my freezer more: I want to buy a chest freezer as our freezer is quite small. I want to try do more of a monthly shop and have more options in the freezer so I always have food available for eating or cooking like more chicken, fruit and frozen veg. When we don't have healthy options available we turn to unhealthier ones. This will also help with always have options available for the kids as well as help with my budget as when certain foods are on special I can buy them freeze them.

4. Cook more simple foods. I love cooking and often get caught up in cooking these elaborate meals which may flop. Our families don’t’ need fancy meal they just need simple healthy ingredients. I' m keeping it simple this year.

Notice none of my goals are based on weight or measurements?

I also like setting goals for my family as well

1. Eat together as a family: Kade has started eating dinner with us and I love it. It means that they often eat late and bedtime gets pushed out but that's ok. This year I want to carry this on and try include other meals on the weekend as well.

2. Get ems in the kitchen cooking. Ems is 3 this year and so I can give her more responsibility with cooking in the kitchen.

3. Give more home made snacks. It’s easy to buy snacks from the shops but I want to try prepare more snack bars, date balls and other snacks so the kids always have healthier options available to them.

4. Go on more promenade /road walks as family. We have a lovely road we live on that borders a forest and so we have amazing animal and birds. I run along the road but need to get better at taking the kids on walks along the road as well.

What are your lifestyle goals for 2019 as well a your families?

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